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We uplift Studs/Butches. This is a truly Elite Bruhhood. We are a drama free, fun loving Family that's enjoy helping communities and different causes.

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Omega Pi Psi Fraternity, INC is a non-profit 501c3, National, Educational and Community service focused Social, LGBT Greek, Family organization for Lesbian women who label themselves at Stud/Butch/Masculine women.

The Mission



The mission of Omega Pi Psi Fraternity, INC is to bring together Lesbian women who identify themselves at Studs/Butch/Masculine woman of all walks of life and race to be uplifted while improving and servicing our LGBT as well other communities, along with enriching your Life and building and maintaining a Strong Brutherhood as a Cub who will grow into a King in this Family. Omega Pi Psi Fraternity, INC is a Family organization bound by Loyalty, Respect, and Honor.


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We are dedicated to improving the lives of Studs/Butches in our community, Along with growing our Family.